To Dear Foreigners.

My country had big problem Now.

Japanese aid to all victims.

Considerable damage, too large.

The Japanese government is not functioning too.

Many kindly Japanese people, who will bring food to them directly.

And for many people the reconstruction, Volunteers go to the disaster area .

However, nuclear power plants near, no one go.

But I went. For a parson who can not move the elderly .

Bad reputation of nuclear power plant accident, flying all over the world are a hoax.

Japanese and All the world People are afraid@for Radiation. But in case of this Japan now.

Every Japanese people and All the worlds people has knowledge of the mistake ,

Radiation is 1 / 20000, more than between New York-Tokyo.

Tokyo is only 0.15uSy.almost nothing.

When take airplane between New York-Tokyo ,get 3000uSy.

So, is not in terrible shape.

Bad news in the world. Please not believe too much press coverage.

If the conversation when You are in Japan this time, I wrote, please tell them, the world the news that the degree of staggering.

( News around the world are wrong.)

This disaster, in every country, a disaster over beyond expectations.

I could not stop anyone should. So please do not blame the Japanese.

If a disaster happens in your country the same, it should be facing the same problem.

Japan should be a lesson.

And Japan should grow stronger. Of course the nows Japanese government.

(((((((( Now nuclear power plant staff is work hard. ))))))))

We have a big problem. But I believe. It must be convergent.

About the Japanese,

By victims, even people who can not eat that day,

The Japanese, never make riot and theft.

Victims also has helped other victims.

Japanese are great gentle heart.

Japanese people are helping people to each other.

The United States also helped Japan.

Thank you. United States.

The governments of countries around the world, thank you.

Japan recovers quickly.

All in the hands of the Japanese.

(get help of you and the worlds peoples)

To every your friends, please send this by email.

Thank you!

From Mou Mori of Jazz SOMEDAY Tokyo

from 10 April 2011