"Oh my god I love it The whole group sounds wonderful, the group feels
like a group. The affinity between the soprano and the tenor is just so
right. They bring something special to every corner of the music. For
me, having a chance to experience music like this, that's what keeps me
going. The music is totally on the first level."
Anthony Braxton

"Joe has a tremendous sound on soprano, Affinity really plays as a group
and were a pleasure to perform with"
Buddy Collette

"One of the best sounds on soprano I've heard, the group has really done
its homework and it shows."
Gary Foster

"These guys really play their asses off, its a great band and it was a gas
performing and recording with them."
Dewey Redman

"The material sounds fresh and the phrasing is quite precise, as if you are
almost sleeping together. The interplay between everybody depicted a
unified effort, when a group achieves these heights of freedom, without
stepping on each other's toes, a sense of peace and fulfillment comes
about." Jay Corre

"Great music and a very good recording... I'm excited to make this
available in our catalog."
Fred Maroth - Music & Arts Programs of America

"Drawing long linear improvisations out of nine inspired, choice covers...
it's rewards are considerable."
Tony Herrington - The Wire

"It's like a median path which boosts the history of modern jazz with an
energy which invigorates a special dynamic classicism."

Philpippe Alen - Improjazz /Paris

"His soprano playing is clear, ditinct, and with melodic taste very often

P. L. Renou - Improjazz /Paris

"A hopeful sign in jazz... good interplay... a comfortable rhythm section
that joyfully swings." Kevin
Whitehead - Pulse /Tower Records

"This is a consistently exciting set, full of fresh melodies, making one
wish that the group would perform in L.A. Highly recommended."

Scott Yanow - L.A. Jazz Scene

"Affinity plays music with an ease that shows how close the different
strains (hard bop, Tristano, Ornette) really are."
Jerome Wilson - Cadence

"A very compelling example of collective creative improvisation that swings
a sound collection and experimentation that flows."

Leonard J. Bukowski - Cadence

"The band showoffs not only what Ornette meant but, how they have applied
his music to their own music."
SOS Jazz

"Both reedsmen are precise and adventurous and Bobby Lurie plays a
beautifully tuned kit ... ceaselessly poking and prodding the music, true
to the spirit of its originators."
MB - Freeway Magazine

"The group is tight and innovative and the interaction between the group is
very good. The excitement of the music is created by interesting phrasings
and intervals, sensitive drumming and innovative bass playing." Stella C.
Brandt - California Jazz Now

"Rosenberg's soprano sax, which he plays very well, with rich tone,
admirable technique and considerable imagination."
Phil Elwood - San Francisco Examiner

"Affinity recently released a compact disc of compelling straight-ahead,
yet outer-edged material... One of the most serious minded combos in
California bringing refreshing new twists to complex compositions."
Lee Hilderbrand - Berkeley Express